Our unique Brow Sculpting & Tinting service has become a very popular service amongst many of our clients. This involves Brow Mapping, Waxing, Tinting and Concealing the lower brow line. This can last for up to 2 weeks with good maintenance.


Why choose this course?

At Arch 3D Brows Training Academy, our training technique has been perfected to ensure that you learn in the easiest but most effective way possible. Brow Waxing and Tinting is a treatment that is in demand across the globe and is perfect for beginners or technicians that would like to add a new service to their treatment list. You will qualify with an ABT accredited and insurable certificate that will enable you to start your career in beauty and build an empire. 


Course Time:

Day 1: 10:30 - 17:30pm


Wow Acton, Unit 12a 

Western Avenue 


W3 0TG


Course Breakdown:

– Theory
– Health and Safety
– Anatomy & Physiology
– Patch testing

-- A demonstration on a live model by your tutor 
– Aftercare and maintenance knowledge
– A live demonstration by your tutor
– Advice and tips on setting up your business

– Practical assessment (Brow mapping on each other and hands on practice on 1 live models which students must provide).
– Certification and photographs


The understanding of face shapes and how to correct unsymmetrical eyebrows will also be taught during this course. Arch 3D Brows Training Academy aims to give students the knowledge to become highly skilled technicians.

Please note: This course does not include a training kit. Product information will be given to students on the day of training.


A deposit of £75 is required to secure your place and the remaining balance is due strictly two weeks before the course date. Once your deposit has been paid online, you will receive a confirmation email with details on how to pay the remaining balance and further information for the course. All students can purchase a training kit for an additional cost of £65 which you can pay for when sending the remaining balance.

Please note: students that fail to pay the final balance on time will lose their place on the course. All deposits and course fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Entry Requirements:

This course is strictly for students that are16 years & over. No previous experience is required as all of our courses are designed for beginners.

Group size:

No more than 4 students are allowed to participate on each course. This is to ensure that you learn in confidence with assistance from your tutors.



It is a requirement for students to provide models on this course. One model will be required on the day of training.

Time: – Model must arrive at 3pm (Duration of 2 hours)

Booking confirmation:

You will receive a confirmation email from the course tutor with further information on the course date,
dress code, paying the remaining balance and location within 72 hours of booking.

  ADDRESS: Wow Acton Unit 12a, Western Avenue, London, W3 0TG


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